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From 1st November 2001 the Lightweb SRL is official and sole distributor partner in Italy of Relux Informatik AG, the Swiss software house focused on creating informatics and media integration, management and calculation of light orologi replica.

The Relux has created an international consortium of luminaire manufacturers comprising over 80 leading companies in Europe.

The catalogs of the companies in question are entirely contained on the installation CD.
At all times and you can see an interactive catalog containing photos, technical drawings, explanatory sheets, photometric curves and other utility-related devices you choose.
Obviously everything is also available online through the website or through relux guided navigation directly using the software interface without having to go through the replica chopard happy diamonds watches web browser.

This possibility makes ReluxSuite an indispensable tool for a professional designer and avant-garde, but also a powerful vehicle for communication and dissemination of modern products of a company that wants to increase the distribution of its products all over the world.

A given for all: the cd relux was distributed in over 400,000 copies in Northern Europe.
From today therefore also the important Italian market has a reference point, in the mother tongue, on the territory, represented by us Lightweb.
Among the services to support operators, we set up telephone assistance, basic and advanced courses for those who want to know and use the best products from the Relux Informatik AG.
We invite interested parties to request a demo CD by filling out the form, or contact us directly for any further information.